Saturday, 2 May 2009

needs some tweaking

Its been a gorgeous day here, so I spent the afternoon gardening!!
Having a play this evening, this is from the cuddly buddly cd, its only a rough draft as I wanted to see how it all goes together, & altho I'm not entirely happy with it, ( it was only cut out quickly) I think once I've sussed it properly it will look nice when finished.............

Any hints or tips most welcome!!


  1. Looks good Heather a few embellishments should finish it off nicely

  2. It looks lovely Heather, maybe a few balls, rattles, teddies and such would finish it off?

    Marion x

  3. looks great heather....didnt have any instructions with mine so not sure what you do anyway, i just guessed lol, great job youve done *thumbs up*