Wednesday, 25 November 2009

a couple of cards..............


seems like forever since I last posted any cards, but we've been innundated with visitors, Lucy is poorly again, altho on the mend & I've lost me mojo.

So I've just put together 2 quick cards tonite, to see if I can get inspired again, they arent the best but, hey ho, at least I've made something


  1. Heather, two beautiful cards to make your come back with.

    Marion x

  2. They are both beautiful

    Alison xx

  3. Heather, both of these cards are fab, lots of us seem to have been missing our mojos recently, I thin they all got together for a holiday, but yours is obviously back with you now :D
    Glas Lucy's feeling better, and I hope you do so much crafting that your paper and card are all messed up again very soon! :D

  4. Heather they are lovely cards well done xx

    Lynnette xxxx

  5. Both very cute Heather
    Think the mojo has returned lol.
    well done
    Rita x

  6. these are just so cute hun love them xx

  7. They are just gorgeous hun x Love em both x