Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Grandaughters 21st card

This card has given me so much grief over the spelling of 'Granddaughter' I know officially its spelt with a 'dd' but after chatting with the lady who ordered it, this is how we decided to spell it

The decoupage is from Morehead & the doiley cut file is courtesy of Linda Davies over on the crikey forum

Thanx for dropping by


  1. Glad you got there in the end Heather, it's beautiful

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  3. Sorry Heather Forgot I was on my silly lappy that does not space properly!I ha to delete last post
    Your card is beautiful,and as always classy and I've often debated over that spelling myself

    Liz x

  4. Beautiful card Heather . and yes its debatable is the spelling but if its what the customer wanted

  5. lovely card hetaher, love the 'doily edge' youve made :) fab work, and have same trouble with the spelling....ive just learnt something new, its officially 'dd' then? lol
    Kairen :)